What's Your Favourite Colour? Candle Colours and Meanings March 04, 2016 11:23

What's your favourite colour? Did you know that different colours of candles have different meanings?

The origin of the meanings behind different colours of candles goes back centuries to traditional folk healing, where ancient spells, chants and herbal remedies would be passed down through communities.

Today, coloured candles are still used in a wide range of spiritual and religious rituals. 

So, whether you want to use different coloured candles for meditation or ritual, or if you just want to bring a feeling of spirituality into your home, here's our guide to the different meanings for different colours of candles.



Purple is the colour of the third eye chakra, so it represents spirituality, healing, ancient wisdom and power. It can also enhance your connection to the spiritual world. Use it to enhance your meditation, and to improve your chances of power and success.

We recommend: Purple Haze tealight candles

 purple haze tealights



Unsurprisingly, pink is the colour of love and romance, but it also represents friendship and family. It increases spiritual energy, and so can be used as a tool for devotion, or increasing bonds of love or friendship. Pink also represents femininity.

We recommend: Henna Fountain Pillar Candle

 henna fountain candle



Orange is the colour of success and happiness. It can be used to help you achieve good things in life, such as success, prosperity and career goals. It also helps to improve mental agility, stamina and emotional healing, so using this colour brings a lot of positivity into your life.

We recommend: Orangina Pillar candle

 Orangina candle



Red is the colour of passion, lust, sex and fertility. It strengthens physical magnetism when used in rituals, and can increase sexual energy. Red also represents fire, so it brings warmth and power.

We recommend: Queen Ruby pillar candle

 queen ruby candle



Green represents good luck, wealth and prosperity. It can also be used for healing and to create a closer bond with nature. Green is also the colour of jealousy, so using a green candle as part of a meditation ritual can help counteract these types of feelings.

We recommend: Frosted Forest candle set

 Frosted forest candles


Blue is a very spiritual colour and can be used to enhance tranquility, peace, and inner light. Using blue candles during meditation can increase your spiritual awareness and help you reach a deep meditational state.

We recommend: Ocean Pearl ball candle

 ocean pearl candle



Black is a very powerful colour and can be used to reach a deep state of meditation. It is used for warding off evil and negative forces, and can also be used as a powerful healing tool.

We recommend: Noir in the Night pillar candle

 Noir in the night candle



White is used as a balancing element for all of the colours, and also represents purity, innocence, clarity and peace. A white candle can be used in place of any other colour, and is suitable for any type of meditation ritual

As most of our candles come with a white base, you can choose whichever you feel drawn to the most!

white candles 


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We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and if you have any questions regarding any of the products we have mentioned today, please contact us by using our contact form and we will get back to you as fast as we can!

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