Mandala Designs: The Beauty Behind Them March 13, 2016 00:00

The beauty behind the mandala design is endless! It is such an attractive pattern that you don’t want to stop gazing at it. It’s definitely one of my favourite go to patterns and one that draws me in time and time again. I wanted to share the meaning behind the design and some examples of my work where I have taken inspiration from mandala designs.


Meaning Behind The Beauty

The Sanskrit meaning of mandala is circle and like a circle. It represents wholeness and is a symbol of perfection, eternity, unity and completeness. The distance from the centre to all the points remains the same and everything is symmetrical. In Hinduism it is mainly used as a spiritual tool. Mandala has also been part of other religions like, Buddhism and Christianity. The Christian religion uses this design in the rose windows of churches which represents important events. Buddhists use the mandala in meditation and religious rituals. Mandalas are considered as symbols of balance in the body and mind.

What It Means To Me

Whenever I spot a mandala design it instantly gets my attention and I visually start looking for parts of inspiration I can use in my work or in my henna designs.  I have so much love for this design and it has helped me endlessly with creating beautiful pieces.

Mandala Henna


Holiday Henna

Here is a henna bracelet design which I adorned on a lovely client who was on her travels and wanted something to show off! Once the stain has developed and gets darker it looks gorgeous! I decided to create a small mandala design which incorporated small fountain dashes which in turn gives the design definition and looks pretty. If you’re looking for a unique birthday gift ideas for one of your girlfriends then a henna appointment with me is a great idea! I can create a bespoke pattern for them and they will see this stain stay on for about 2/3 weeks depending on how well they keep to the aftercare advice.

Holiday henna


Candle Art

Creating art on candles is one of my favourite things to do! I am always looking for new patterns to try out or even just to keep on my inspiration board. Here are two mandala inspired candles but based on floral elements. I have kept one quite metallic and it gives off a cooling tone and then the other one which is a more vibrant take on a tropical mandala design I saw on a holiday in Athens.

Mandala candles

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