Top 3 Beautiful And Easy Henna Designs For Every Occasion March 10, 2016 19:12

With this year on the move, we all have exciting events to look forward to like close henna parties, summer holiday and Birthday parties! Are you looking for an easy but pretty henna design to show off? Well I am here today to talk through some of my designs which are simple but still look gorgeous at the time same time and hopefully will give you some inspiration!


Celebrate With Henna

Are you celebrating a big birthday? In love with henna? Henna is the perfect accessory to wear; all your guests will be in awe and want some as well! You could also treat your guests to some henna and hire us out for the afternoon or evening. It’s a great activity to have at a function like a birthday as your guests can interact with each other and talk about henna. Here I have an example of a fun but easy henna design which looks great on kids and adults! I have used a flower design in the centre to make this the focal point and then added a chain like effect to bring the design together!

Henna design


Henna Night Fun

Henna nights are one of my favourite functions to attend! As I am a big lover of henna, I love having my palms designed with gorgeous strips of henna. If it’s a close family members henna night, I like to be able to mingle with the guests and enjoy the night. I tend to go for a simple but pretty design for the henna artist, similar to this one. Here I have designed a diagonal strip with swirl like patterns to use the space of the hand and added a feathered effect in-between to give the pattern some depth and jazz it up a little more.

Henna design


Holiday Glamour

Have you booked your summer vacation this year? If you have you’re missing out on one accessory which is very popular at the moment! Your very own personalised henna pattern! Whilst you’re sunning yourself your design will be developing into a maroon stain which will look glorious on your holiday! Patterns similar to this look amazing on holiday, here I have created simple strip on the edge of the little finger. This design would also look great on the feet if you love wearing sandals and want to compliment your ankle chain!

Henna design

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