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Inspiration never hides from me! Inspiration is everywhere! With so much inspiration found on social media, it’s hard not to miss. The two places I find my main inspiration from are Pinterest and Instagram. They both have tons of beautiful art circulating around. Other inspiration is found through nature, clothing and any random things I spot. I take pictures to keep a log of what I have found inspiring and look back when I am in need of a creative boost.  It keeps me growing as an artist and helps me improve my style! Today I am going to be sharing a few things that inspired me in the month of March. I hope you can also find some inspiration in the blog today.


Beautiful Lace Umbrellas

I have always been fond of lace and how it’s so intricate and looks so pretty. I was browsing through Pinterest and found these lace umbrellas someone had used as wedding props. Lace designs have become very popular within the henna community and many people have incorporated this gorgeous design into henna patterns.  I am yet to try this in my henna designs and product designs but it always inspires me to look at and get ideas from.

Lace Umbrellas


Bride And Groom Henna Designs

I have recently become obsessed with Indian bride and groom drawings. You will typically see these on ladies who are having bridal mehndi applied. It looks so beautiful in the centre of the palms surrounded by detailed patterns to bring out the design. I have been practising these by drawing them and making the guy look masculine and the women more feminine which can be tricky but with practise anything is possible.

Bride & Groom


Peacock Mania

Peacocks! I am in love with them and their beauty; I find them so attractive to look at and can’t stop drawing them. I found this little beauty on one of the wedding invites I ordered from India. I thought this was a good base for beginners if you’re into peacocks as much as me! I will be experimenting more with peacock inspired designs and want to incorporate them into my products more. I think it would look amazing on a candle or even a champagne flute!



Paisley Love

Another love of mine is paisley designs; here I have found some extravagant designs which look amazing in this colour combination. These were also designed on some wedding invites I ordered. I love the craftsmanship and it gives me so many ideas to work with!


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