Paisley Designs: The Beauty Behind Them And More! April 08, 2016 11:11

The paisley design is a very pretty pattern and one that catches the eye instantly! In the beginning of my henna career I would always practise to draw the paisley design over and over. It seemed to always attract me and I would fill it in with all kinds of intricate designs. It plays a big part in my designs as you will see on my website. Many of my products have paisley inspired designs on them and I love each of them.


The Meaning

Paisley is a term in English for a design using the Buta, a droplet-shaped motif of Persian origin. The popularity of the paisley became apparent in the west around 18th and 19th centuries. In the west you know the name as paisley and this derives from the town of paisley in west Scotland. It was a popular centre for textiles where many paisley designs were produced. It has become very popular within Asian clothing and a lot of the saris have magnificent paisley borders sewn on by hand! You will see this design in many countries. This pattern is very versatile and moves with the times. This is a pattern which will never die down and will continue to grow and grow!



I am going to be sharing a few of my henna designs where I have incorporated a paisley design and how they can be designed.

Tattoo Paisley

Starting off with a tattoo I designed for my manager early on in my henna career. I was always doodling at work and my senior manager would always comment on my drawings and say how much she would one day love to have it on her skin. She came to me and asked I design a paisley and flower inspired tattoo and this was the end result. It’s crazy to see your work on someone’s skin permanently. One moment in my life I will never forget! Here is an image of the tattoo in all its glory.

Henna Tattoo


Peacock Paisley  

My niece has always been a big fan of peacocks and when I was designing this I used the paisley as a base to begin the henna design.  I used the tail of the paisley to create a face and then added a small dash like line under the head to create an eye. I added the peacocks head piece on top and voila we have a peacock henna design based on a simple paisley design. She was in love with the end result and wanted one crawling up her leg which we plan to do in the next couple of weeks.

Peacock Henna


Paisley Me

Here is a pattern which I designed on myself whilst thinking of new product ideas. I have used flower and paisley designs together with leaf like additions. I was in love with it for days! If you would like to have some henna yourself then you can contact me via the website and I would be more than happy to discuss your appointment.


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