What Is The Meaning And Symbolism Behind Each Type Of Flower? March 28, 2016 19:44

Here at Designsbynn we love to decorate our products with floral designs. But did you know that different flowers have different meanings?


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Flower symbolism and meanings come from a variety of sources. Some derive from ancient folklore and have been passed down through generations. Other flower meanings come from rituals and tradition.

Here are some of the meanings behind our floral designs:


The buttercup is a yellow flower which is usually found growing in grassy meadows and gardens throughout the summer months. In North America, buttercups are known as "Coyote's Eyes" due to a folk legend where a coyote made new eyes out of buttercups, after his own were taken by an eagle.

Here in the UK, buttercups symbolise childishness due to the traditional game where you hold a buttercup underneath someone's chin, to find out whether they like butter. The yellow glow from the buttercup inspired our Buttercup Blush mug.

Buttercup blush mug



Ivy gets its name from the Celtic word for cord, and in Celtic tradition it is said to symbolise friendship and affection. The ivy plant twists and turns and interweaves, and that's the reason it is likened to friendship, and even romantic relationships.

In religion, the ivy plant symbolises eternal life, which is why it is often used to decorate homes at Christmas. But even if you are not religious, you are sure to admire our ivy-inspired Tropical Delight mug.



We all know that roses are a symbol of love. But you might not realise that the colour of the rose, and even the number of roses also have significance.

Red roses convey deep love and emotion, so our Roses Are Red latte glass is the ideal romantic gift for your partner. A single red rose is for love and desire, while a dozen red roses represent gratitude. 

Roses are red latte glass



The daisy represents cleanliness, purity and innocence, which is why we often say that we feel "fresh as a daisy." In Christianity, daisies are often associated with the Virgin Mary to represent her chastity and purity.

In Norse mythology, daisies are associated with Freya, the goddess of love. They are also said to represent motherhood and childbirth, making our Daisy Pop wine glasses the ideal gift for a new mother.

Daisy pop wine glasses



Most of the symbolism around sunflowers comes from its association with the sun itself. The sunflower represents adoration, longevity, loyalty and even nourishment.

Sunflowers are also regarded as symbols of happiness, with their bright yellow flowers and sun-like appearance, which makes our Rise and Shine mug the perfect gift to brighten someone's day.

Rise and shine mug

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