The World Of Henna: Inspiration I Found In April April 10, 2016 00:00

April is here and with that I am here to share my inspiration posts I found this month! As I have said before inspiration is everywhere. You may think it’s not but it can be found in the simplest things around us. I love the world around us it has so much to offer and inspire each and every one of us. Let’s go!


Umbrella  Art

How beautiful are these embroidered umbrellas? They shout inspiration! The colours and patterns on the umbrellas are just intricate and amazing to look at.  I found this picture on Pinterest and wanted to share it with the world. The bright pink/purple and gold just bring so many ideas to my head for new product designs!



Cushion Beautiful

I was in Primark a couple of weeks ago when I saw this large throw pillow and fell in love! The colours and patterns attracted me the most to it. I am drawn towards pink and mint green at the moment so that may have been why I ended up buying it. The pattern is based on a Mandala design which is very popular at the moment.  I will be taking elements of this design and adding it to my future products.

Mandala Cushion


Flower Power Gerbera

Gerberas are my favourite flower and the colours are just so beautiful! The shape of the petals and the intricate dots make this flower so gorgeous. I have previously used this flower design on some bespoke jumbo tea lights for a customer. The design on the petals of the flower can be a great source of inspiration. You can find it on many flowers.



Clothing Has Me Every time

Who doesn’t love a pretty Indian outfit? I know I do! I don’t just love it for the colours but the intricate patterns which are hand sewn and made with love. This amazing mint and pink gown is from Pinterest. I found it a couple of weeks ago and have used it in new product designs which you guys will see soon!

Indian outfit


Light Brings In Happiness

I am a sucker for tea lights, especially anything which has coloured glass and gold finishing! These were found in Primark. I am going to be using these in product pictures and other cool shoots. The design just screams Morocco and would look lovely in the back garden on a nice summers evening.

Tea lights

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