Roses Are Red: The Hidden Meanings Of The Colour Red April 20, 2016 17:25

Red is a colour of extremes. On one hand it can represent love and passion, while on the other hand it can symbolise anger and the destruction of war. Red is also the colour of fire and blood; two vital life forces which are essential to the human existence. Because of this, red was regarded by our ancestors as a mystical and powerful colour.


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Red is a complex colour with lots of hidden secrets and meanings. We've chosen some of our favourite red products to help illustrate the qualities of the colour red.

Sexual Desire

One of the most obvious associations with the colour red is the idea of sexual desire. Red is often used in modern culture to evoke feelings of an erotic nature – red lipstick, the red light district, the lady in red.

The colour red can increase our heart rate and blood flow, which in turn helps create feelings of passion, desire and lust. On the other hand, pink is a much softer colour which represents innocent love.

If you want to inject some passion into your life, try introducing some red candles, such as our Queen Ruby pillar candle.

Queen Ruby candle



Red is one of the most visible of all the colours, which is why road signs and stop lights are usually this colour. Red is emotionally intense, which is why it is so appropriate that it is used to indicate dangers or warnings. Red grabs your attention and makes sure that you notice.

Our Rouge fun champagne flutes aren't dangerous, unless you get too drunk!

Rouge fun champagne flutes



Red is the colour of anger and aggression which can be used in a destructive way, such as in war. Red is also the colour of fire, which consumes everything in its path.

Red is also the colour of remembrance, and symbolises the red poppy fields of World War I, as well as the blood of the soldiers who were killed.

Make love not war, with our Branching For Love mugs.

Branching for love mugs



Red can ignite our emotions and inspire us to take action. It gives us energy and determination due to its link with our emotions and physical desires. Red is the colour of fire and blood; two vital energies which help create and sustain human life.

Give yourself a morning energy boost with our Scarlet Swirls mug.

scarlet swirls mug


Good Luck

Red is one of the most popular colours in Asia because it is associated with good luck. Chinese brides traditionally wear red as it means the marriage is more likely to prosper, while in Japan a red kimono symbolises happiness and good luck. In India and Nepal brides wear red because it represents purity.

Our Red Velvet pillar candle would make an ideal wedding gift, and it can also be personalised with the couple's names.

Red velvet pillar candle


We have a range of different products to suit all occasions, and you can view the full collection here. All of our items can be personalised with a name or initial, date, or a personal message. You can also choose your own colours to match your home.

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