Light Up Your Garden Party With Candles And Tea Lights April 25, 2016 12:21

Now that we're well into Spring, the temperature is really starting to warm up. That can only mean one thing: the time for barbecues and garden parties is almost upon us. Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing meal with family, or have a full-blown party with all your friends, it's important that you set the mood to make your guests relax and feel comfortable.

outdoor tea light candles

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We've put together this list of decorative ideas to make your next garden party really light up. By simply placing a few strategic candles, you can make your outdoor space suddenly transform into a tropical haven for your guests to enjoy.


Plant pot holders

If you're a keen gardener, then you're bound to have plenty of spare plant pots lying around. For smaller plant pots, simply add a tea light to each one, and place these around the garden, or use a larger plant pot with multiple candles to create a focal point.

Blooming Colourful Tea Lights:

 Blooming colourful tea lights


Glass jars

Glass jars make ideal candle holders for garden parties, and it doesn't matter if they get knocked over or broken. Plus recycling is good for the environment! You can place the glass jar holders around the table and patio, or if you're feeling creative, tie them around fence posts and have them hanging from branches.

Kaleidoscopic Rainbow tea lights:

 kaleidoscopic rainbow tea lights


Table centerpiece 

If your garden party involves sitting down for a meal, then decorate your table using pillar candles. These burn for hours and will last well into the evening, even after the sun goes down.

outdoor pillar candles


Seashell candle holders

If you live near the sea, washed up shells make great candle holders which don't cost you anything at all! Large shells work best, and you can add a tea light candle to each one, and place on your table or around the garden.

Flower Party candles:

Flower Party candles


Outdoor lanterns

Lanterns are easily available from most home and garden stores, and can help create some luxurious lighting for your garden. Lanterns come in all shapes and sizes, with some only large enough to hold a single candle, or others where you can add a number of candles of varying height.

Flower Power pillar candle:

Flower power pillar candle


Votive Feature

If you have a large glass bowl or vase, you can turn this into a stunning feature that's sure to wow your guests. Fill the container with water, and add some attractive stones or coloured sand to the bottom. Then simply float some tea lights on top to create a simple but effective centrepiece. You could even add some cut flowers or twigs from the garden.

Sweet Opulence tea lights:

 Sweet opulence tea lights


Guiding lights

If you're expecting a number of guests, lead the way to the party by placing tea lights or pillar candles along the edge of the pathway, guiding them to the location.

Flower Love pillar candle:

Flower Love pillar candle


Light up your water feature

If you have a water feature or pond in your garden, then make it really stand out using candles. Place some pillar candles or tea lights on the water feature itself, or in and around the feature to make the water glisten in the candle light. If you have a pond, you could even float some tea lights on the surface of the water, to create a romantic effect.

Garden of Roses pillar candle:

 Garden of roses pillar candle

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