Looking for a unique wedding theme? Consider henna for an exotic, glamorous day of celebration! June 27, 2015 22:25

For those excitedly perusing through bridal magazines and Pinterest boards in search of wedding ideas, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to choose a theme that isn’t overused, trite, or dated. If you have a streak of the exotic in your soul, you should definitely put the idea of a henna wedding theme into your top choices. Read on to see why this kind of wedding decoration will add glamour and allure to your special day.

What Is Henna?

The use of henna as a decorative art form has been around for more than 5,000 years. A paste is made from the leaves of the henna plant, also called cypress flower, and is used as a base for creating beautiful patterns to decorate the body. As time went by, the designs evolved into stunning, intricate patterns, and eventually these patterns became symbolic of special occasions.


Uses Of Henna 

While many use henna as a form of body adornment, in the form of temporary decoration (much like a tattoo, but non-permanent and placed with a delicate touch), there are many other uses for it today. Now, henna designs can be used for all kinds of decorative purposes, including home decoration, wedding decoration and creating personalised gifts!


A Wedding Inspired By Culture

Think outside the box when it comes to your special day - a wedding should be a time of love and celebration - and what better way to express that than with cultural elements known for those very things? Henna can be used for symbolising and expressing happiness and luck, and indeed, it is known for this in many ceremonial traditions, including weddings.


Have A Henna Party

Ditch the old bar-hopping trials of the “bachelorette party” and instead get your favourite girls together for a henna party! This is a playful, joyful occasion for the bridal party to not only spend quality time together preparing for the big day, but to honour the bride with hand painted henna designs. Put on some happy, fun music while your friends treat your feet or hands, or really wherever you wish - to henna application. There are hundreds of websites online with easy instructions on this ancient art form.


Personalised Henna Gifts

It is a time-honoured and loving tradition to provide your bridesmaids with personalised gifts to thank them for their time and efforts to make your day special. Henna themed crafts and gifts make fabulous favours to give to your cherished friends. Ideas range from candles, picture frames, mugs and glasses - all of which can be customised with the beautiful designs inspired by the art of henna.

Wedding Decoration

On your special day, if you want to not only wow your guests, but celebrate your love in a colourful, exotic, glamorous and captivating atmosphere, then a henna themed wedding is ideal. Vines and leaf henna designs are known to symbolise loyalty and devotion, perfect for your day of vows. You can incorporate these into your wedding decoration with candles, glasses, and other decorative items to add pizzazz and a colourful, exotic glamour. Henna features many other symbolic signs including those for luck, joy and success - what better way to incorporate these wonderful characteristics into your happy day?