Summer Gift Orders!! July 08, 2015 22:56

Hello and Welcome!!

I thought it would be quite nice to make these blog posts a little bit more personal and take you along on my henna journey. Today I am sharing the orders I have been working on this week, the orders I receive depend on what time of the year it is. This month is all about thank you candles for teachers and birthday gifts.

Craft Equipment


Birthday Jumbo Tea Lights

This order was a gift from a mother to her daughter for her birthday. The daughters favourite flower is a Gerbera and so the mother requested I design some pink inspired Gerbera jumbo lights. I drew the outline of the Gerbera first and then filled the blank spaces with light vertical strokes to create a petal effect. They've turned out just as I wanted them.

Jumbo Tea light

Birthday jumbo tea lights make a beautiful gift for a loved one, especially if they're candle crazy. They can be personalised with patterns and names on request.

Jumbo Tea Lights


Teacher Candles

My second order was for a mother whose daughter wanted some thank you candles to gift her teacher's for all their hard work this past year, as she was moving up a year. The daughter requested to have a small personalised quote with her name and for the candles to be colourful.

Personalised candle

Personalised candles make a thoughtful gift as every single part of the candle can be personalised, a perfect example here. From the message to the colours, you can tailor it to your requirements.

Personalised candles

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