Glitter Henna July 15, 2015 23:22

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Today I am posting about glitter cones. Gliding glitter gels are so easy to work with and are a 100% safe to use on the skin. I bought mine from KShenna.

Ks Henna

The consistency of the glitter cones is a gel based solution and very light and easy to work with. The cones glide very easily onto the skin. These glitter cones only last until they are washed off.

Glitter Henna 1


These are perfect for ladies who love henna patterns but aren't so keen on the stain, they look so pretty and elegant for pictures. These also work great on kids, as they can be washed off instantly. Glitter cones are also used with henna, to add final touches to the pattern and bring them to life for the pictures.

Glitter Henna

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