New Personalised Candles!! July 27, 2015 18:55

Hello and Welcome!!

Today I am going to be sharing our new range of light pillar henna candles and the inspiration behind the candles. These candles will be coming to our site very soon!! I enjoy designing new candles as it brings a new and fresh look to the website and gives more variety to you, the customers. These candles are pattern based but all of our candles can be personalised with names, dates and short quotes.



The inspiration behind these candles were motif designs which I had been drawn to for the last couple of months through images found on pinterest. With a lot of motif designs symmetry is key, and this what I wanted to bring to life on these two candles, great symmetry with vibrant colours and dots to create the shape of the patterns.

Designsbynn candles



I love big statement designs so with these three candles it wasn't hard to find inspiration, as these patterns come to me naturally. The pattern is called Mandala, a round pattern repeated in a circle. The middle candle is inspired on a paisley design created with small dots to bring the candle to life. All of these candles have small accents to create the big picture.

Designsbynn candles



These two candles are my favourites!! As you can see they are both inspired heavily by floral designs, roses for the left one and henna inspired flowers for the right. The right candle is very much inspired on a garden of flowers, with different shades of green to bring some life to candle and then the multicoloured flowers to bring that pop to separate the greenery. The left candle is purely based on my love for roses, these multicoloured roses are in the shape of a crawling vine.

Designsbynn candles



The inspiration behind these candles were from the more traditional style of henna patterns, heavily embellished with gems. With many henna inspired candles the main three elements that are used often are leafs, flowers and paisleys. Around these elements are strokes and swirls to give the patterns more definition.

Designsbynn candles

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