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What is Bridal Henna?

Bridal henna is one of the oldest and most widespread henna traditions, it is applied in many countries around the world like India, Africa and Pakistan. It's a beautiful art and having it applied a few days before your wedding symbolises celebration and love. They say the darker the henna stain the more your mother in law will love you. It is also tradition for the grooms name to be hidden in the pattern, the wedding night cannot continue until he has found the name!

Bridal Henna


Henna, also commonly known as mehndi, is an amazing art to be able to do and I am very lucky to have been blessed with this talent. I love applying henna on all types of hands but my favourite type of hands have to be brides. There is something so special about being asked to adorn a bride to be. I think it's because it's for a very special occasion and the patterns are always a little bit more intricate, you have a lot more space to work with so you can really experiment within reason. The best part of it all is that in a small way, you the henna artist, have been picked to be a part of that brides special day and give her what she's been dreaming of for years.


Bridal Henna Gets Intricate!

Here I'm sharing a bridal I did about a year ago. It was for my best friend, so very special to my heart and one I will always remember. This piece took me over 5 hours to apply. My friend Hema asked to have a traditional flow throughout her design with bride and groom motifs on her palms. The patterns on her arms are very intricate with many lines to break up the pattern and give it more depth. I have used dots to create bigger patterns and round swirls to fill volumes. The most challenging part of Hema's henna was drawing the bride and groom, drawing with henna is very difficult and you have to be able to work with the right pressure to create the small facial features. I have also shaded in parts to give the whole design a nice finish. I really enjoyed working on this piece for my best friend.

Bridal Henna

Simple Yet Elegant Bridal Mehndi

This bride wanted her henna to be very simple and elegant with a mandala style pattern in the centre of her palms with pretty finger tips. With this design again I have used lines and dots to create the bigger picture. The palm design is very much centred on a blossoming flower. We added a cuff design to the wrist and made the design look like a hand chain. This design took me around an hour to do, one of the quickest bridal hennas I have ever done. Can you spot the grooms initial?

Bridal Henna

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