Clinking Glasses August 31, 2015 20:09

I'm sure you can guess what today’s topic is about by the title. Who doesn’t like a glass of wine or bubbly after a hard working week? What’s even better is that you can be drinking it out of your own personalised glass! Now isn’t that swanky! In today's blog I will be talking about all of the great uses for our range of uniquely designed champagne flutes and wine glasses. After reading this you’ll be placing an order faster than you know it!!


A Perfect Gift For The Home

Are you looking for some unique wine glasses to make your home look pretty? Well look no further, I have the perfect wine glasses for you!! Our wine glasses can be personalised just as you like. They can be personalised in theme colours of your kitchen decor or in your favourite colours. To identify them as your own, you can have a name added or a short quote or message to keep you going through the week. Why not treat your other half to a personalised wine glass, I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

Personalised wine glasses


Celebrate The Big Day In Style

Looking for the perfect his and hers wedding gift? Well look no further, personalised champagne flutes are the number one gift for family and friends to give to the bride and groom. Our champagne flutes look great personalised with names and dates. They can also be made to match the wedding colour scheme. The best part is that the couple can place these in their home to cherish and remember the special day. A gift that will always be remembered.

Personalised champagne flutes


A Big Birthday

The stunning tall wine glasses below make a beautiful birthday present for one of your loved ones. You have a choice between a luxurious purple or a sophisticated black. To make them extra special you can add a birthday message or a name, they can be designed in either gold or silver to make them really stand out. You can treat yourself and your friend to a gift and celebrate in style. If it’s a big birthday, they look great next to the cake for the birthday girl/boy to drink out of!!

Personalised wine glasses

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, if you have any questions please use our contact form to send us a message and we will get back to you as fast as we can!!

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