Top 3 Personalised Wedding Table Decor September 16, 2015 21:46

On your wedding day, most eyes are going to be on you and your new husband and of course the wedding decor! So you want the table decoration to be as stunning as you two and as unique as possible! Don’t you worry, I have some amazing personalised wedding décor to share with you all and give you some great ideas to add to your list.


Picture Perfect

Our personalised picture frames look sensational with table numbers slotted in them or even the wedding menu for the guests to view whilst everyone’s locating their seats. The best thing about our personalised picture frames is that the boarder can be designed with the wedding scheme in mind. We can add finishing touches like crystal gem embellishments to give the table an extra je ne sais quoi! You won’t be disappointed with what we can create for your big day!

Personalised picture frame



Charming Charger

Looking for impressive table decoration for the top table? Well then our personalised charger plates with candles will look sensational! The brilliant thing about our charger plates with candles is that you can add names and dates to personalise them and make the day even more memorable. We can use colours to match the wedding scheme and bring the whole day together! Don’t forget, this piece can be used to look pretty in your new home and to remember the special day! Here are some lovely examples of some charger plates you can pick from.

Personalised three piece candle set



Perfect Little Candles

If you’re looking for something on a smaller scale for table decoration then our small candle sets are perfect for you! They look great scattered across the guests table with personalised designs to keep each table looking individual and unique. We have an array of colours to design the patterns in and give your day a burst of colour! Oh and don’t forget they can be distributed to close family and friends after and kept as souvenirs.

Personalised small candle set


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