Exciting Gift Orders!! September 20, 2015 08:32

It’s been a busy couple of months with orders!! But we made it, and today I’m going to be sharing 3 of my favourite orders and the stories behind them. I love when I receive an in-depth brief from a customer and I’m able to successfully achieve what the customer requested. Nothing makes me happier!


Wedding Latte Glasses

Now how regal do these look? This order was a gift for a bride and groom and their love for coffee! The main colour running through the order was yellow and to separate the glasses I have used blue for the male glass and pink for the female glass. What I enjoyed the most was designing the crown and tiara as this was a new experience for me and I love a new challenge! This is a great example of what we can create for you.

Wedding latte glasses


Personalised Tea Lights

Simply gorgeous! These were made for a birthday girl and her love for rainbows, they were designed to match her bedroom decor. The beauty of tea lights are that they can be lit or they can be left as decoration for years to come and they will look as pretty as they did when you first purchased them.

Personalised tea lights


Personalised Candles For The Family

Gold and white is my new favourite colour combination! This lovely lady wanted to gift her family who were flying back to America a gift they would remember and be able to display in their home. Our three piece candle sets were perfect for her as she had quite a few names she wanted on the candles so we were able to decide which ones fitted on best.

Personalised candles

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