Time For Tea September 25, 2015 20:04

Afternoon tea is one of my favourite things to do! You can’t have afternoon tea without one very important piece of crockery… a teacup and saucer! Today I'm going to talk about our amazing range of personalised teacups and saucers! They’re all individually unique and would make a great addition to your tea party. Let’s get started!


Birthday Tea Cup

Do you have a friend or a family member who is not only tea obsessed but tea cup obsessed? Well then I’m sure one of our tea cups will be the perfect gift for them and their mantle piece! Did you know each of our teacups and saucers can be personalised with whatever your heart desires? We have a variety of colours to choose from and all of our designs are freehand. We take great pride and care in the work we do so you can be sure that they will look perfect. Anything is possible so, what are you waiting for?

Personalised tea cup


Tea Party Banquet

Are you organising a tea party theme for a birthday party or a get together? Then our stunning tea cups are going to be perfect for the special occasion. All eyes will be on the tea cups and how exclusive they look. They look great personalised with names and dates to mark the occasion. They can also be used as decoration and displayed in the main table with sweet treats inside or they look great stacked up! The possibilities are endless, get in touch today to discuss your order!

Personalised tea cup


Jewels And Saucer

We have another great way you can utilise your tea cup and saucer, keeping it as a jewellery holder! You have 2 compartments, the saucer and then the actual tea cup. It looks great! They can be designed in the theme colours of your room and we can add any personalisation you’d like. You won’t be disappointed!

Personalised tea cup

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