Charming Charger Plates September 27, 2015 23:43

Personalised table decor is always hard to find, you want it to be as unique as possible and also have the wow factor! No one else should have it! Don’t you panic, today I am going to share the perfect piece of table decor with you all! Our impressive range of charger plates and candles! Let’s go!


Top Table Decoration

Are you planning a wedding? Looking for personalised table decor for the top table? Our flawless charger plates will complete your amazing looking top table! Each of our plates can be personalised with names, dates and short messages. Not only that but the candles can be customised too! All of our candles and charger plates are made to order so anything is possible! We endeavour to decorate each of our charger plates unique to the brief we are provided with. We want the best for your special day and this is our way of showing it! Don’t forget once the big day is over, this pretty piece can be kept as decoration in your beautiful home. It will bring back those glorious memories you both shared. Here are some lovely examples of what we can create for you and your special day!

Personalised large candle sets


Perfect Party Piece

Our gorgeous charger plates and candle sets are definitely a great personalised piece to have at your birthday party! Your guests will be in awe of the choice of table decor you have picked! Adding names and dates to the candles will look great in photographs, next to the birthday cake or on all yours guests tables! We like to offer as much personalisation to your order, so why not incorporate your colour scheme? We can also embellish your order with colourful gems to make sure the tables look flawless. At the end of the night, these can be gifted to your nearest and dearest as souvenirs to remind them of the amazing time they had! We are here to make the day as special as possible and are open to all ideas, so what are you waiting for? Order yours today!

Personalised large candle sets

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