My Top 3 Henna Styles September 30, 2015 22:22

Henna is my number one love and passion! I couldn’t imagine life without it, my creative juices start flowing as soon as my eyes are inspired by a pattern. I find most of my inspiration through Pinterest, my cultural clothing and from objects around me. Today I am going to talk about 3 popular henna styles and explain them in more detail.



One of my favourite go to styles! The main components to an Arabic henna pattern are leafs, vines, swirls and flowers. This beautiful style is not as intricate as the traditional henna patterns you see around. Big bold patterns cover the hands and palms with empty parts left to give the pattern space to breathe. This style has become very popular in the last year and I can tell why!

Arabic henna pattern


Indo- Arabic

A mix of two very popular styles! This stunning style consists of striking patterns like flowers and leafs filled with intricate detail like swirls and lines to complete the motif. When looked at from a far you see a bold pattern but once closer, you see the complicated pattern. Dots and little dashes are used to bring the whole design together. This style is the most requested at henna parties, and I don’t mind as it’s a wonderful modern style to go for.

Indo-Arabic henna pattern



This design is favoured by many brides. You will notice with the traditional style there is no free space, every single part of the hand and arms is covered with stunning intricate lines and dots.This style is known to incorporate figures like bride and groom faces, peacocks and paisleys. They all have a meaning which tells a beautiful story, ready for the bride’s big day!

Traditional henna pattern

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