My Inspiration November 11, 2015 22:34

Inspiration for me is vital in the products I create, I am constantly looking for new ideas or patterns to incorporate into my current style. Inspiration finds me and I find inspiration! I find most of my inspiration through nature, clothing and everyday life! Everything has beauty! Today I will be sharing some inspiration pictures and talk about them a little more.


Perfect Patterned Gates

Whilst I was away on my travels I saw many pieces that inspired me, especially the beautiful patterned gates in Venice. The swirly patterns along with intricate detail made my mind think of so many new ideas! I love how everything is so uniform and as you can imagine a lot of hard work would have gone into making these wonderful pieces. Here is one of my favourites!

Venice Gate


Gorgeous Ceramics

How stunning are these glass plates! I found these in Greece, I admire how everything is so detailed and the colours are just so powerful. The patterns here remind me very much of henna patterns. The fine dots, leafs and petals are just mesmerizing. It brings so much joy to me when I spot a special piece which I can get inspired from.

Greek Plate


Clothing Creativity

Clothing has to be another great source of inspiration for me. I love my Indian outfits as there are endless patterns for me to choose from. The borders especially are covered with intricate paisleys and flowers. It helps me develop my work and bring out fresh new ideas. I love all patterned clothing from around the world, it all has so many possibilities to work with. I feel so happy when I am surrounded by so many beautiful pieces. I hope these pictures inspire you too!

Indian Clothing

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