Mum's The Word December 21, 2015 22:05

Mum is the word. After all, is our mother not the most special person to all of us, really?

Mother's Day, on Sunday 6 March, lies close around the corner and is the perfect opportunity to let mum know just how special she is.

A splash of colour to celebrate

It's fitting that Mother's Day comes as spring approaches. The daffodils begin to pop out. Those dark winter nights are beginning to be shuffled aside by light, warmer weather and the promise of summer.

Things are beginning to bloom but our mothers are evergreens. Always by our side, reliable and unfaltering, and we need to celebrate that - with champagne and a burst of henna colour! Our Rainbow Love set of 2 flutes are perfect to toast the special lady with:

Rainbow Love


Mum is No. 1

You can impress your mum this year with your knowledge of the origins of Mother's Day. Here goes... 

The date of Mother's Day in the UK and Ireland-  always falling, as it does, on the 4th Sunday of Lent has religious roots based on honouring the Virgin Mary and the 'mother church' on 'Mothering Sunday'.

As Britain has become a more secular society, the original religious meaning has been somewhat lost. Now it's the annual occasion to celebrate and show our love and appreciation for our mothers.

Before you go on and dazzle her with even more sparkling information and impressive facts and figures, you'd better make sure she's sitting comfortably - with a nice cup of tea. In a No. 1 Mum mug:

 Personalised Mother's Day Coffee Mug


The Origins of Mother's Day

The modern international Mother's Day has its origins in the USA and is largely the result one woman - Anna Jarvis. At the beginning of the twentieth century, she campaigned for the best part of a decade for the calendar to be marked with such an occasion. In 1909 the very first International Mother's Day was celebrated in the US. Most countries worldwide - from Turkey to Trinidad and Tobago - now observe the day on the 'Second Sunday in May', which Anna Jarvis trademarked.

Sadly, what should have been a great source of pride quickly turned sour for Anna Jarvis. She had intended the day to be one purely of celebration and appreciation for mothers and motherhood. She was unhappy with the commercialisation of the day and fought a lifelong battle to restore it to her original vision. 

She had wanted the day to be more about spending quality time with your mother rather than buying a gift.

But you can do both! After all, there's absolutely nothing wrong with buying gifts, is there? Gifts are good! Especially when you can add a real personalised touch to the gift. Think about all those wonderful memories of childhood - times that can be captured beautifully within our personalised photo frames:

Personalised Photo Frame

You never know, she might even put a picture of you in it!