Keepsake Gift Ideas For New Parents January 03, 2016 21:25

Has someone close to you given birth to a new bundle of joy? It could be your sister or even your best friend! Are you looking for a unique personalised gift that they can keep forever and look back on with happy memories? I will be sharing a couple of my favourite personalised gifts with you all! Let’s go!


Beautiful Baby Candle

Welcome the new arrival with one of our beautiful personalised candles! This gift is wonderful for the parents and later down the years for the child. We think they look great with the name, DOB and weight added on.  Three very important details of the little one! This gift is great as you can choose the exact colours you want it designed in or think the new parents will adore! You don’t have to go for the generic blues and pinks; we can match it to the theme of the newborns bedroom decor and even add gems! Not only is this gift stunning decoration for the house but it has a deeper meaning, it will be one of the first candles they will receive as a family and it will be cherished for years to come! Once they’re older, their parents can store it in a keepsake book for them to share with their kids and show them all the lovely memories they had as a baby. We have a variety of candles from pillar to small candle sets! Here’s a great example!

Personalised Baby Candles


Timeless Frame

With the pitter-patter of tiny feet why not celebrate the new birth by gifting mum and dad a personalised frame! If you have a snap of the little tot you can include this and it will be an amazing gift! But it doesn’t stop there, all of our frames can be personalised with anything you like! You can keep it simple by adding only the name or get a little bit more creative and add a quote or even add the DOB and weight! All of our products are handmade so we can pretty much design whatever you have in mind. The possibilities are endless over here at Designsbynn! A picture frame is a timeless gift as the parents can display this forever and look back their little one! So what are you waiting for? Order yours today!

Personalised Frame

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and if you have any questions regarding any of the products I have mentioned today, please contact us by using our contact form and we will get back to you as fast as we can!

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