My Henna Inspiration January 07, 2016 22:13

Henna is such a beautiful art and I find so much joy in applying it. I have been applying henna professionally for the past three years. I am very lucky and blessed for it to have come to me naturally and be able to make people happy by doing it. Finding inspiration is my number one priority to do before I start a project or even create a henna pattern. Today I am going to be sharing where I find my top 3 henna inspirations from. It can be quite tricky when you go through periods of creative block and are unsure of what patterns to create next but hopefully my top 3 inspirations will awaken ideas and patterns in your mind and help you create beautiful henna for 2016!


Creative Clothing And Jewels

Clothes and Jewellery have to be my number 1 inspiration for creating new and exciting henna patterns for my future bridal henna appointments! From a very young age I have always been amazed with the embroidery on Indian outfits and the gorgeous jewellery that matches! With many of the stunning outfits and jewellery there are patterns hidden within patterns and what one person may see another may not. That’s the great thing about art! The main elements are paisleys and flowers and amongst them are intricate details which create the bigger picture like small circles and dots. Colour is also an inspiration; Indian outfits have endless patterns for me to find great ideas! I hope you can too! Below are a few of my favourites pieces I have picked out for this blog!

Clothing henna inspiration


Captivating Ceramics

Ceramics and objects also give me brilliant pattern ideas! What I admire the most are the colours they are painted in which provides me with an endless list to work with. I found this pretty piece in Greece on my travels and had to take a picture. As you can see it’s a pattern within a pattern from small delicate flowers to a large four piece floral print. The fine dots, leafs and petals are just mesmerizing and make me so happy! If you see something that inspires you, don’t forget to take pictures and create a log of your favourites! That’s one of the ways you will grow as an artist, and it will help you to look back on how much you have progressed in your career.

Ceramic inspiration


Wonderful Wallpaper Art

It may sound odd but I also find inspiration in wallpaper art! This may be a new one for you but I have been doing this for quite a long time. Here is one of my treasured pieces which I go back to when I am in need of a creative injection! The fine lines and diamond shaped centre piece ignite so many ideas for me! A tip I found out recently which really works is creating thick and thin lines within each other. It will give your patterns more depth and it’s so simple but effective! I hope that helps!

 Wallpaper art inspiration

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