Henna Styles Explained January 10, 2016 21:59

As henna is part of many cultural traditions across many regions there are different styles which use various patterns to identify themselves. Henna is an exquisite art and even though each of these styles have something unique about them, they also share similarities. Throughout the years different styles have become popular for the summer brides! Last year it was all about the bride and groom faces! Who knows what trend it will be this year! Henna is not only for the bride, it is now a part of everyday life and many people want their skin adorned with gorgeous patterns. Many people are still curious as to what these different henna styles mean and that’s where I come in. I will be talking a little more in depth about the 3 main henna styles we use today and how to identify them by the elements they use.


Intricate Indian

The Indian style is the most intricate of them all! You will be able to spot this as the whole palm will be covered in stunning complex patterns from the elbow to the fingertips. With this style they tend to use a motif to start the pattern off with, such as a bride and groom or a peacock. You will rarely see this with other styles. Each motif has a meaning for instance a peacock symbolises ‘beauty’, a swan symbolises ‘successes’. Other major designs which are included in the Indian style is the paisley this symbolises ‘virginity’. Around all of these luscious patterns you will see many intricate lines, dots and curvy lines. So to round up this style you can see it’s a much more block style of henna, there isn’t much flow to the pattern and shapes and figures are much more prominent. This style is very popular with my traditional brides and is always a lovely challenge for me to create them unique intricate pieces.

Indian henna pattern


Amazing Arabic

My current favourite! The Arabic style is much more daring than all the others. It’s the only big and bold style you will see around! The palms are adorned with large patterns to show its beauty. The main elements used in Arabic henna are Arabic flowers, petals, vine leafs, with big swirls and the patterns are much more outlined and in your face.  In Arabic henna the motifs also have meaning behind them for instance a flower is supposed to symbolise ‘joy’ and ‘happiness’ vines and leaves are meant to symbolise ‘devotion’ and ‘vitality’. This style is also more popular with ladies who want everyday henna, it’s in fashion at the moment and I don’t blame them.

Arabic henna pattern


Marvellous Moroccan

A style which is very unique and beautiful but not seen so much. The Moroccan style is very much a symmetrical style. The skin has a circle or a diamond shape to start off with and then filled with lines and zigzags to create a balanced pattern. The pattern can vary with shapes and lines, this is a unisex style and so it very popular with the males. The lines and zigzags are very similar to permanent tattoos you see commonly used. There is nothing dainty about the Moroccan style but that’s the beauty of it!

Moroccan henna pattern

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