Top 3 Henna Party Favourites January 17, 2016 20:52

When a big Indian wedding is planned there is a whole week of fun festivities to enjoy! One of them being a henna night. It’s the one night where the bride can let her hair down and be centre of attention! Many people hold this event outside in a marquee so they can have their nearest and dearest there to enjoy the summer evening with food and drinks! The henna night is the most colourful night of the week, with beautiful printed saris draped across the room and stunning embellished cushions scattered across the floors for women to sit on and chat away. Whilst the bride is getting her henna applied the women around her will also be indulging in some pretty henna for themselves. Today’s blog post is about what patterns are most popular with the guests!


Delicate Henna

This gorgeous strip design which starts from the wrist and leads to the end of the fingertip is very popular with the guests! The design can consist of flowers and paisleys between vine leaves to give you that subtle but pretty henna design. If you want something simple but dainty then this is perfect for you!

Henna strip


Centre Of Attention

Another popular design is the Mandala! This design starts in the middle of the hand as a large round pattern or a big flower, and then attached is the ring design with bracelet. This is great if you want to be a little more daring and want a statement piece. It will look great with your outfits for the next couple of events! This is also a big hit with little girls; they love a design in the centre!



Dare To Be Bold

If you’re into your henna and love having something a little more unique, then this is the piece for you! Having the henna applied on the side of the hand leading up to the little finger and then a statement piece on the fore finger just looks beautiful! This is great if you’re going to be wearing Indian hand jewellery at the wedding, as the henna will be visible whilst also showing off your gorgeous jewels!


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