My Henna Journey Through The Years January 21, 2016 23:09

I thought it would be nice for me to write a blog about how my henna journey started and all the things I learnt along the way. I would say I have always been creative from a young age and constantly had pen and paper in my hand, my mum was very skilled in drawing and I think some of it may have rubbed off. I would sketch patterns for hours upon hours and be content on my own by doing this.


Where It All Began

Looking back now, the thing I love the most about drawing is you have complete freedom to let your creative juices go wild without any limits. As I have a big family, we would always have big events like weddings or Diwali to attend and so I would get my henna applied by one of my aunties. This is where my love for henna art started and it has always fascinated me, how this brown paste which smelt a little funny could create such intricate patterns!

Henna drawing


Inquisitive Henna

When I was about 14, I started experimenting with henna myself. I would draw my patterns first on paper and then go over with henna. I found flowers to be the easiest pattern to draw, so would stick to that. The one thing I found very difficult was holding the cone and applying the right pressure for the paste to come out at the right speed and also evenly to shape the pattern I was creating.  Around this time I would practice my henna skills on many family members and never stop even though my patterns didn’t look that great.  The one piece of advice I would share is that if you have a passion for it and want to pursue it as a career, you have to continually practice every day to see any improvements. It’s not something that will come over night. I have improved so much over the years but there is always space to improve and explore different patterns and styles.

Art quote


New Beginnings

I gradually felt more comfortable in my ability to apply henna on the skin freehand.  In doing so I began to find my own style, which is still developing to this day. I remember seeing some henna inspired candles on the internet and thought this is something I would really enjoy creating. I designed a couple of candles and canvases, shared them on my personal Facebook page and found people were interested in my work and it grew from there. I started my small business Designsbynn in November 2013, my fiancé created the website, we sell over ten different product types. All of our products can all be personalised with names, dates and special messages.

Henna candle

I have also in the last couple of years completed many bridals and henna appointments where I have gained so much knowledge and experience and feel very blessed to be given these opportunities.  We have some very exciting plans for Designsbynn so keep a look out!

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