Uncovering The Meanings Behind Henna Patterns January 24, 2016 21:37

Brides from many religions have been using this stunning art to adorn their hands and feet in preparation for their big day! We know henna looks pretty but each design has a specific meaning connected to it and knowing what these mean will give you a whole new perspective on henna art! I will be sharing a few of my favourites with you today.


Flower Power

Flower designs are elegant and pretty so it’s no wonder why it’s the most used pattern everyone goes for. It’s understandable as the meaning behind it is supposed to bring you joy and happiness and that’s all you will want for your new married life together!

Flower henna


Pretty Peacock

You will come across many bird designs like parrots or doves in henna art but one that is popular is the henna peacock! This design is just beautiful and the meaning behind this design is beauty so it definitely fits. This design can vary depending on the henna artist and that’s the great thing, they are all drawn uniquely but all are beautiful in their own way!

Peacock henna


Sun And Moon Power

One of my favourites which isn’t often used is the sun and moon design! These two paired together bring a strong presence of long lasting love between lovers/partners, and they say it also brings positive power of change and protection.

Sun and moon design


Mandala Me

Mandala madness has swept the country recently! This circular design which has repetitive patterns within is visually very appealing to the eyes! It draws you in and you could stare at it forever. The mandala design represents the universe!

Mandala henna

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