Henna Patterns: What’s Your Style? January 28, 2016 20:33

Henna isn't just for brides; this amazing form of body art is for everyone! Men, women and children! Henna art has become more and more popular throughout years and is now commonly used in day to day fashion! Henna is also great if you’re thinking of getting a tattoo and aren't completely sure if you want something permanent on your skin.The patterns you can create with henna are endless and today I am going to share 4 henna patterns on different people and how they can be adapted to what the person wants.


Minion Mania

With the popularity of minions at its high, it was only a matter of time that someone would request having something minion related.  As you can see this is a wolverine inspired minion, I know crazy right? What I love about this is that it shows you anyone can have anything they like! It will look great once the stain has developed its non-permanent so it will fade in the 2/3 weeks!

Minion henna


Unicorn Me

Sweet and simple! Unicorns are perfect for little hands, they look so delicate and pretty and you can really have fun creating them.  This was done for a little girl at a henna appointment I had with her mum. She couldn’t stop staring at what I was doing and looked so intrigued. I asked her if she wanted some and her face lit up. It took her a while to decide if she wanted a unicorn or a butterfly but we got there in the end!

Unicorn henna


Bracelet Style

Jewellery inspired henna has become very popular and it’s no wonder why, it’s stunning! The elements in these designs are very much mix and match and you can really get creative with it and change the patterns about. Here is one I did for two best friends who wanted something similar.

Bracelet henna


Tattoo Henna

Here’s a great example of trying out a tattoo idea in henna, my cousin was contemplating on whether she should get a Lord Ganesh tattoo on her wrist. I think it looks beautiful, after having it on her skin she decided it she wasn't going to have it and is now on the search for another tattoo idea.


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