Top 4 Henna Designs For The Feet January 31, 2016 09:23

We talk a lot about having stunning henna patterns on our hands but we sometimes forget about our feet. They are just as important and look great adorned with intricate henna patterns whatever the occasion is! Whether that is bridal henna, holiday henna or just some henna on your feet because you fancy it! Why not? It looks beautiful in the summer with your pretty sandals on and there are a many patterns to choose from to make sure you’re henna needs are met! Today I am going to share my top 4!


Jewellery Feet

Jewellery henna is all the rage at the moment and that’s because the patterns are so versatile and modern! I have a great example below; this design was done for a client who wanted something pretty to compliment her pedicure. I incorporated her love for paisleys into design and made this look like a pendant. I added thin lines and intricate dots to give it a chain effect. We added some gold sparkle at the end, which looks great against the henna!



Statement Piece

Statement henna looks great and this lady wanted nothing less! She requested her henna pattern to be big and bold. Flower designs are great, the bigger the better! It looks great against her heels; she was very pleased with the end result!



Elegant Bridal Feet

Simple but elegant henna for the bride to be! We discussed vine leaves a lot during the consultation and I decided to make this the focal point of the design. I think it looks beautiful, very different to what other brides go for.

Bridal henna


Summer Henna

The sun and moon design is definitely a unique design to sport for the summer break! I love experimenting with different designs and so did this lovely lady! She was going away to Thailand and wanted to sport a sign dear to her heart!


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