25 Different Uses For Candles February 01, 2016 22:10

You may think that candles are just everyday objects, but there are actually lots of things you can do with candles! We've tried to think outside the box, and have come up with this list of 25 different uses for candles:


Romantic & Mood Lighting

  • Light candles all over the house for a romantic evening or date night. Choose candles that are large enough to burn for the entire evening, so you don't have to keep relighting them. A few strategically placed candles in each room is enough to create that sensual feeling.
  • Using candles in the bedroom is great if you have any sort of body issue, or are embarrassed about undressing in front of your partner. The soft light is very flattering and can also help you to relax.
  • One of the best ways to spend a romantic evening together with your partner is to give each other a candle-lit massage. Use aromatherapy oils to enhance the mood.
  • Surprise your partner by leaving a trail of candles for them to follow. They could lead along the hallway and into the bedroom, or up the stairs, or even along the garden path – wherever your imagination takes you. Just remember to leave a surprise at the end of the trail.

 colourful pillar candles


Meditation & Relaxation

  • Candles can be used during meditation as something to focus on, so your thoughts don't wander elsewhere. Or you can imagine all your negative energy being consumed by the flame.
  • Lighting candles by your bedside at night can help you sleep if you have problems with stress or insomnia. The softer light is more relaxing than a lamp – just remember to extinguish the flame before you fall asleep.
  • Candles are also great for diffusing stressful situations, such as an argument. Lighting a candle has an almost instant calming effect.
  • Candles are also used in spiritual rituals to help you achieve mindfulness, cleanse your soul, or achieve a particular mood. Blue is said to represent wisdom and clarity, while brown improves the powers of concentration.


 Home Decor

  • Instead of a gas or electric fireplace, try using candles instead. Place various sized pillar candles either within the fireplace itself, or on top of the mantle-piece to create different effects.
  • A candle placed in a hallway or front porch is always a welcoming sign for visitors and gives a more homely feel.
  • Place a candle inside a large glass vase or jar, to create an eye-catching feature. You could add glass beads, sand, or pearls to make it even more decorative.
  • Charger plates are a great way to make an expensive looking feature for your home. Add a few candles of varying sizes, and hey presto!
  • Using lots of tealight candles is another way to make a decorative statement in your home. Place a row of votive candle holders along the middle of a coffee table, or place lots of tealights in a large flat bowl. 

 gift candles



  • Candles make fantastic gifts, especially when they are personalised with the recipient's name or date of birth. Candle's are great for all occasions, and are certainly worth considering for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day which are approaching fast
  • Next time you're invited to a dinner party, bring a candle as a gift for the host. It's a much more thoughtful gift than flowers, and will last longer too!


    Holidays & Festivals

    • During the festival of Diwali (which means festival of light) candles and oil burners are lit around the home to promote goodness, knowledge and love.
    • At Christmas time, candles are used as a decorative feature, as they bring light and warmth to the long winter months. Most commonly they are placed either on top of the fireplace, or on the table during Christmas dinner, surrounded by sprigs of holly.
    • On each night of Hanukkah a candle is lit. Traditionally these would be placed in a menorah or lamp.

    Diwali candles


    Candle-lit Bath time

    • There's no better way to relax than have a long soak in the bath. Add your favourite bubble bath, and place a few tea light candles around to create the perfect ambiance.
    • For a relaxing bath with a twist, use white pillar candles around the edge of the bath tub, to feel like you're in an exotic spa at home. Adding a few drops of aromatherapy oil to the water will help to relieve tension and relax your body.


    In the Kitchen

    • Have a candle-lit meal for all the family. The children will love it, plus even the most basic meal will look and taste more exciting by candle light!
    • 22.Light a candle while chopping onions, as the flame can help absorb some of the vapours so your eyes won't sting as much.
    • Candles can be used to create a table display for your dinner party. Place various sized pillar candles down the centre of the table, either on a runner or on a long mirror.

    candles and charger plate 



    • Use a candle instead of a pincushion for all your arts and crafts, as an attractive way to store needles and pins.
    • Candles make a great addition to garden parties and barbecues. Place tea lights in glass jars and hang around a fence or on a tree.


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