Top 4 Unique Henna Designs For The Hands February 04, 2016 21:29

Have you got a henna night coming up or just want your hands adorned with beautiful henna because you love the art? Can’t decide what design to go for? I have some unique henna patterns which look great, they’re all different in themselves and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with one of them! We can create endless patterns with henna and today I am going to be sharing my top 5 designs and provide you with fresh new inspiration!


Henna Chain

If you’re in to hand chains then why not have a henna hand chain instead! This is great for anyone who loves to wear jewellery as you can really have fun with it and it won’t stay on forever! I have created a round design which has small petal accents to give the design more depth.  This design is also great for kids!



Subtle Henna

Henna draped across the fore finger and little finger looks so elegant! The design is created with big swirls and then fountain leaf designs to bring it all together! This design is great if you do not want a lot of henna applied and want something subtle.



Be Unique

This design has to be one of my favourites and by far the most unique design I have tried. The design is in 3 parts a cuff and finger design with a hanging pendant.  If you’re a bit more daring and want something one-of-a-kind then this is for you!



Bold and Bright

Mandala designs which are made up of small detail made into a round shape are in at the moment! This design is for someone who loves to be bold. It can be applied on the front or the back and looks amazing when the stain has developed!



Beautiful Bracelet

Do you like henna but aren’t keen on having it on your palms? This is perfect as you can still opt to have henna but it can be hidden. A henna bracelet looks good with any outfit and you can decide how heavy or light you want it!


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