Top 3 Henna Designs For The Summer February 07, 2016 08:00

With spring on its way you might already be thinking about your summer getaway or even booked it already!! You may be thinking of outfit ideas, what jewellery to take and which sandals go best! Another fun accessory to have when going on holiday is your very own henna pattern! Yes this can act as a piece of jewellery and looks amazing once the stain has matured. Today I am going to share my top 3 designs which I think will look great on you for the summer!


Sun And Moon Love

On holiday you’re tootsies are always on show so why not get them adorned with stunning henna to match your pedicure! The sun and moon henna design is a lovely example, this can be altered however you like and we can add or take parts off to make it unique to you. They say the meaning behind the sun and moon sign is it brings long lasting love between partners.

Sun and moon henna


Dainty Heart Henna

Are you in love with hand chains at the moment? I am! The design below is a light version of the henna chain. This henna client wanted something light and airy as she was going away on a romantic trip with her other half so we added small dots to create the illusion of a chain and then added cute hearts to give it that soft romantic look!

Heart henna


Statement Peacock

Looking for something a little bit bolder? Want to make a statement with your henna design? Then I have the perfect design for you, especially if you’re in to birds! This peacock henna design can be applied on the body pretty much anywhere; it would look great on the back or on the back of the leg.

Peacock henna

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