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Bridal season is slowly approaching and whilst you’re busy planning your big day, you may also be on the search for some inspiration for your bridal henna! If you’re looking for something intricate and love detail then you’re in for a treat. I am going to be sharing my top 3 intricate designs which you can use as inspiration for your bridal henna.


Simply Intricate

Intricate henna doesn’t necessarily mean it has to completely cover your whole hand. You can choose a pattern like a Mandala which acts as a statement piece. The Mandala can incorporate many different patterns and be detailed at the same time. This pattern starts as a round circle which can grow and grow depending on how heavy you want the pattern. The Mandala symbolizes harmony and unity and would look stunning as your bridal henna.

Mandala henna


It’s All In The Detail

Perfect for the bride that loves henna and wants full coverage! This gorgeous design starts from the elbow and ends as the fingertips fully covering every inch of the skin. It looks beautiful in my opinion! Each section has its own level of intricacy. The lady I did this henna for wanted a bride and groom drawing to represent her and soon to be husbands love story. This style is great for the traditional brides.

Bridal henna


Strip me Simple

Strip henna has become more popular in the last few years for brides. Here is an example of detailed strip henna. It covers the skin all the way down to the finger tips but still some skin on show which I think looks so pretty. Depending on how heavy or light you want the pattern you can let your henna artist know and they can work accordingly to bring your vision to life.

Strip henna

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