Simple And Fun Henna Designs For Kids February 14, 2016 15:22

As henna is becoming more and more popular it’s not only adults wanting this beautiful art but kids also want their henna done. The patterns have to be kept quite simple due kids getting quite impatient at times.  Henna makes them feel special and important and is a good idea as an entertainment option at a kids birthday party or school fete. If you’re on the lookout for henna inspiration for your child to have then keep reading as I will be sharing my top 3!


Fly Butterfly

For all those girly girls, butterflies are always a big hit! I think it’s because they’re so pretty and elegant. They can be designed in many ways so each one is unique. You can decide how big or small you want your child to have this design, they look great on the front of the hand!

Henna butterfly


Minion Mania

For those boys who love henna, minion mania is here! This was done for my young nephew who wanted a fun henna drawing. Henna isn’t just for girls. If you child wants something a little more different then their favourite football team sign looks great or another popular one is their name across the wrist or top of the arm.

Minion henna


Small And Simple

Henna patterns look so cute and pretty on small hands especially! I love applying henna on small hands as the patterns look more intricate and delicate. Here is typical henna strip for a young girl; she had a love for flowers so I tried to incorporate that into the pattern as much as I could. She loved the end result!

Flower henna

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