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I never like to miss a photo opportunity when I find inspiration for my work. I feel it helps me discover myself and better my work when a breath of inspiration has been found. I find things that inspire me in day to day life; it can be anything from a cushion cover to a simple leaf! Every month I am going to be sharing my top 4 inspirations and talk about them more in detail!


Inspiration Paisley

If you me personally you know my favourite design is a paisley! Any type of paisley, I absolutely love them! The way they swirl over the top and finish in a curl looks so beautiful. I found this paisley on a wedding invite. What draws me to it is the shaping of each layer and how they are so detailed and then have a few flowers in the centre.

Henna Paisley


Henna Elephant

How stunning is this elle? The colours on the embellished cushions what drew me to it! I love the mix match of bright purple and then yellow mixed in. The tiny detail on the elephant’s feet also gave me ideas to add to my next henna candle.

Henna elephant


Mandala Wardrobe

I want this in my house! I found this one-of-kind piece in a department store; I was instantly amazed and started thinking about where I could put it. The Mandala design in bronze goes well with the mint background, I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

Henna wardrobe


Little Prints Of Heaven

Little prints of Mandala designs always attract me, no matter where I am! I love how detailed these are and how appealing it looks. There are so many ideas going through my head when I look at this.


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