Beautiful Henna Designs: My Top 3 Favourite Designs February 25, 2016 00:00

Henna designs are what makes my world go round and today I thought I would share my top 3 all time favourite designs. In each design I create I put 110% into it and make it look gorgeous and make sure the client is happy with the outcome of course. I love a variety of patterns from Mandala designs to floral strips. If you’re reading this you may find some inspiration in some of the pictures I share today! Let’s go!


Floral Crawl

This floral crawl design is lovely for someone who wants a little henna to show off but not a lot. These small gulf roses crawl up the arm to create a long bracelet style with an intertwined bracelet to match. The small rose designs are based on Arabic patterns which I have fallen in love with and it seems to be a go to flower design I go to when I am creating new patterns.

Henna design


Flower Power

Big floral patterns always make me happy and here is a great example! This flower design starts out small and then gradually blooms into a grown flower. I have kept the petals quite long; you don’t normally see this style often. Creating new floral patterns makes my mind grow with so many new ideas and hope it does with you too.

Henna design


Henna Glove

Glove henna has become quite popular! From far it can create this woven henna glove effect which looks gorgeous when the stain has developed. This design is very unique in it and looks great on someone who likes something different and is a little bit more daring with idea!

Henna design

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