Too Yummy To Eat? My First Henna Biscuits! February 28, 2016 14:05

When I’m not applying henna on skin I like to try out new ideas! Last summer I was browsing through Pinterest when I came across pictures of bright beautiful henna biscuits which had been adorned in intricate designs. It was love at first sight and I had to give this challenge a go! It was definitely much more difficult then I originally thought but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would advise any of you out there who have a passion for henna to try these gorgeous henna biscuits out.


Design Is Key

It was difficult for me to choose what colours to go with when I wanted to use all of them! I decided to go with a white base as colours tend to stand out more on a blank canvas. The colours I chose were red, orange and blue! I felt these colours went well together and complimented each other. When designing the biscuits I was drawn towards Mandala designs as the biscuits were round. Mandala designs are a very attractive design which catches the eye instantly. It is a circular figure representing the universe with geometric designs incorporated to become a large pattern which is most commonly linked to the Hindu religion.

Henna biscuits


Applying Icing To The Biscuits

The first thing I noticed was that the consistency of royal icing is much runnier than henna paste. Henna paste is much thicker and tends to stay in one place. You have to keep a firm but light grip on the icing cone when applying intricate patterns and guide the cone into the shapes you desire.  I added small silver balls to add a colourful effect to the biscuits and jazz them up a little bit more.  This was a great experience and I would definitely try these again but with different shaped biscuits and other colours.

Henna biscuits


Treat Your Loved Ones

Once you’ve made your henna inspired cookies you can treat your friends and family to them! I personally think they’re too pretty to eat if I’m honest. If you’ve got a friend’s wedding, birthday, baby shower coming up soon then this is a great gift idea! The best thing about making these for loved ones is that they can be personalised from the taste, shape, theme colours, names and dates. Your nearest and dearest won’t be disappointed and it may inspire them to create these stunning biscuits for those they care about.

Henna biscuits

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