The Beauty Behind Henna Flower Designs March 03, 2016 21:25

Henna has been around for 100s of years most commonly used at special occasions like weddings, baby showers and birthdays!  One special design that has evolved over the years is the gorgeous and one of my favourites, the flower design! The popularity for flower designs just continues to grow and with time new patterns become more popular as do the old ones!  The majority of henna designs you see today will always have some sort of flower design incorporated into the final design. Today I will be sharing the meanings behind flower, vine and mandala designs.


Flower Of Joy

Flower designs aren’t just pretty to look at; they have a deeper meaning when applied on to the skin. The beautiful flower design is supposed to bring out joy and happiness in the bride. A lotus flower design is said to awaken the human soul and also show off grace, beauty, creativity, sensuality, femininity and last but not least purity. It’s nice knowing when you have this beautiful art applied onto your bare skin that each pattern has a deeper meaning. It makes you want to show the pattern off more and explain to people what each of them means! Here I am sharing a picture of a henna design which I created for a lady who was leaving for her summer holidays. She wanted something simple but floral. She was very happy with the end result.



Vine Beautiful

You will see vine leafs intertwined with pretty flowers dotted about, I feel these two elements paired together bring the whole design together! They look stunning around the arm or near the ankle. Vine leafs are an attractive design that symbolises perseverance, vitality and longevity. Qualities which are very important for a relationship to prosper and grow! Here is a design I created for a gorgeous lady.



Visually Appealing

Another flower design which can be created into beautiful henna art is the mandala design! This design looks great on the inner or outer palms and can be big or small as you like. The mandala design is said to symbolise the universe. This design is visually appealing and had made it a firm favourite amongst henna artists. You will see many variations of this design and all of them are breath taking. Here is one I designed for a bride to be in 2015, she wanted her bridal to be kept elegant and simple. She was extremely happy at the end!


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