Henna Baking: My First Henna Inspired Birthday Cake March 06, 2016 20:56

You might think henna designs and cake? These two don’t go! They do and they make an amazingly stunning combination. I was asked by my lovely cousin to decorate a cake in pretty henna inspired patterns for my auntie’s big birthday bash! She has always been an avid lover of henna and whenever I would visit she would ask me to apply some henna for her. I was honoured she had asked me and couldn't wait to start my big henna cake challenge! So today I am going to share my experience with you all!


Beautiful Beginning

Working with candles is so much easier than working with a soft base. You have to be a lot more gentle when applying the icing to create your patterns and trying to get intricacy is very challenging. I’ll let you in on a trick I did before applying the patterns onto the cake base. On a piece of tracing paper I drew some simple flower and paisley designs in pencil and then went over them with icing. By practising on tracing paper it helped the end result look a lot neater and together. I was in more control of the icing and not so afraid to use my imagination.

Henna inspired cake


Tropical Theme

As you can see the colours are bright, beautiful and vibrant just like my auntie. I wanted to bring her favourite colours together and create a tropical theme which I think went well together! Small edible silver balls were added to give the cake a little bit of glam and to spice it up. I mainly went with flower and paisley designs as these were the two patterns that were most requested when I had a briefing with my cousin. I decided to break up the colours so the tropical theme could shine through more and people would be more drawn to it rather than using one or two colours.

Henna cake


Give It Go

If you’re into baking and know you have a creative streak in you then I definitely suggest you give this a go! You will love it and it will only let your creative juices start flowing and get you thinking of other ideas! They make amazing birthday, wedding, and baby shower gifts. Don’t forget you can always personalise them with a name, date or even a special quote to remember the special day!

Henna cake

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