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About Designsbynn

Hello and Welcome!!!


I have always had a creative and artistic side from an early age, as a child I would doodle anywhere I possibly could, and so I always knew that art would play a big part in my life. Now as an adult my passion has evolved into a career which I enjoy immensely and which fills me only with excitement with what the next project may be and when I can get started on it!


I started Designsbynn in November 2013, my goal was to share my love for henna inspired art and develop as a henna and design artist. I love to create henna patterns on a variety of mediums; whether it be on paper or applying it to the skin, no one piece is the same. I am passionate about my work and ensure that each piece I create is unique to the individual or the brief presented.


I take inspiration from the world and my surroundings as do all artists, I look to nature and architecture for inspiration and all of these things touch my heart and flow through into every design I create. However most of the inspiration behind my designs comes from my Asian culture. The bold, striking patterns and colours of sari's and the intricate details in Asian jewellery has a history spanning thousands of years, hopefully I can add my little bit to that history.


Thank you for taking the time to read about me, if you want to see more of my designs you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram by clicking on the social icons below.